The Butterfly Cage Book Study Guide

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Welcome to the Supplementary Materials Companion
to The Butterfly Cage

Discussion questions, assignments, and essay questions are provided for all 35 chapters, organized by chapter. Each section is also grouped by the amount of effort required:

  • Discussion Questions are lightweight
  • Assignments are intermediate-level
  • Essay Questions are hard.

The Assignment sections either have clickable links or clear instructions on what your students are to do. 

Included with the supplementary materials in MS Word is a link where you can add your own adjustments, or detailed requirements for students using Google Docs.

I hope you and your students enjoy The Butterfly Cage and find this useful for supplementing your students’ learning process. 

Reviews of the supplementary PDF to use with The Butterfly Cage

“Deaf authors have been chipping away at a wall of ignorance for an eternity. Rachel Zemach says “I got this” and brings an enormous wrecking ball. This book is an absolute must-read.” —Mark Drolsbaugh

“In this brave, important, and most timely book, Rachel Zemach has addressed both the wider historical situation in US Deaf education and provided a superb account of what it is like to be a Deaf teacher striving for her pupils in a ‘mainstream’ system that does not understand their identities and needs.” 

—Dr. Paddy Ladd

“You will cry, laugh, get angry, smile, sigh, and scream. You will also be encouraged and motivated to change. Must read. A true gem of a book! Be ready to be transformed!”

—Dr. Rosemary Wannis

“These supplementary materials will be so helpful! Saves me so much work.”

—Charlene Williams

“As a teacher/librarian/camp counselor and director who has worked with Deaf kids for many years, I was entranced at how well she shows how much Deaf kids ROCK. Zemach’s writing is lovely, filled with beautiful turns of phrase, elegant descriptions, and, when necessary, unpleasant but very necessary truths.”

—Kathy Macmillan

“It’s a cute, meaty little document.”
—Charles Katz

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The Butterfly Cage Book Study Guide

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